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After the effort, sit back and relax!

February 10, 2014


Www.Urbanbilingual.Com is ready… and I LOVE IT! I’ve been thinking about this “Great Launch” post for months… I have a good number of drafts too which I decided not to use because they seem so outdated at this point! It was hard… yes, it was really hard and I have to take back most of […]

The choices I had to make

October 7, 2013


I could have never imagined that after the big initial choice of changing my career path I would have had to keep making choices continuously from that very moment up to today… Where should I start my activity? Which type of company should I have? Who should design the website? In which language? Which social […]

Locals, travel, blogging and a website… the big step!

September 24, 2013


After many doubts, changes and obstacles in my personal life I am finally ready to start my website, my business and my new life that goes with it. This blog will eventually become a way to widen my horizons and networks of locals and travellers but in the meantime I figured I would use it […]

Tired of Boring Tourism

January 19, 2012


We have been travelling for ever… short trips, long trips, business trips, student trips, we’ve done it all and today we manage to never feel like tourists when we go to new places! Our ideal of travelling is to blend with the people and speak their language… and we don’t mean their spoken language… that […]