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Urban Street Food in Europe

April 8, 2014


After a long pause, we are back to reveal our selection of street foods in Europe. Read below to experience the best crêpes in Paris, the tastiest souvlaki in Athens, the greatest currywurst in Berlin and an unforgettable panino in Florence… Street food has become a hot travel topic for a reason! It impacts on all […]

European Urban Experts

February 14, 2014


I am profoundly grateful to live in an era in which urban travelers are finally getting together. I have been traveling all my life with a purpose (studies, work, love, family) but rarely as a tourist (what an ugly word!). I have been waiting for a long time to find people who do not necessarily […]

After the effort, sit back and relax!

February 10, 2014


Www.Urbanbilingual.Com is ready… and I LOVE IT! I’ve been thinking about this “Great Launch” post for months… I have a good number of drafts too which I decided not to use because they seem so outdated at this point! It was hard… yes, it was really hard and I have to take back most of […]

Missing something from Florence?

November 6, 2013


Arriving at Ponte Vecchio during dawn feels like finding the missing piece of the Florence puzzle. These are some shots of the most romantic European bridge very early this morning.  Here is an effort to grasp the charm of this famous Italian bridge, of Florence and of something else, not sure how to call it… […]

AMSTERDAM – Take your Children off the Beaten Path

October 9, 2013


The Netherlands seem to be the ideal destination for teaching children the differences between tourists and travelers, between “kitsch” and “chic” and between healthy and less healthy behaviors… everything inspires fun, excitement and discovery for all age groups, starting by little ones. Below are 10 suggestions for your trip if you have young children (based […]

Locals, travel, blogging and a website… the big step!

September 24, 2013


After many doubts, changes and obstacles in my personal life I am finally ready to start my website, my business and my new life that goes with it. This blog will eventually become a way to widen my horizons and networks of locals and travellers but in the meantime I figured I would use it […]

October events in Florence, Italy

September 3, 2013


Originally posted on Girl in Florence :
Somehow the time-witches as I like to call them, have taken the rug out from under me and made it become October already. September went by in a flash in my world and besides moving to a new apartment in the Oltrarno, I have also embarked on a number…