After the effort, sit back and relax!

Posted on February 10, 2014


Www.Urbanbilingual.Com is ready… and I LOVE IT!

I’ve been thinking about this “Great Launch” post for months… I have a good number of drafts too which I decided not to use because they seem so outdated at this point! It was hard… yes, it was really hard and I have to take back most of the good things I said about my collaborators, lawyers and web designer… help will be very scarce when you will be building your website, your business, your future… you’re mainly on your own! But when it’s over, you will be so satisfied, proud and fulfilled that gratitude is the only thing you feel!

Eventhough I know that I was the one who took this project to an end, the “Thank You” video came from my heart… this is why it had such a positive impact on the launch… I published the video a couple of days before the official launch, creating a bit of suspense but above all contributing to sending positive vibes to my networks and friends… my followers on both Facebook and Google+ loved it and supported me all the way! The launch was a great success with traffic and unique visitors way superior to what we had estimated! That moment when I posted the link on my page, the chin-chin with my friends and family to celebrate and the surprise of the traffic boom on Analytics the day after, are inscribed in my heart forever! Once you’re done dear travel bloggers, don’t forget to sit back, relax and enjoy the ride… yes, it’s worth it!!