The choices I had to make

Posted on October 7, 2013


I could have never imagined that after the big initial choice of changing my career path I would have had to keep making choices continuously from that very moment up to today… Where should I start my activity? Which type of company should I have? Who should design the website? In which language? Which social networks? Which music? Which currency? What legal terms? What keywords? How to build the site? When? Who can help me?… Every morning since that day, I wake up and I have to take decisions… it almost seems that this is my new job: making choices and taking decisions.

We’re almost there (launching date estimated for July 15) but I can already see the key decisions which helped me reach my goal… Project managers call them milestones, I call them “the most important decisions I had to take”:

1. Hiring a web designer… after multiple failures I understood that Wix etc. are incredible free tools and one can have lots and lots of fun but can also waist a lot of time and if you need a professional result, you need someone who knows how to do that (or study it yourself!). As soon as you’ve taken the decision that you cannot do it yourself, you need to decide who is a good web designer for you! Here is mine… Stephanie. She’s been great! Maybe I just got lucky but today I know what a web designer needs to be great: ability to listen and to understand, flexibility and punctuality. The good news is that you can figure whether one is really like that right from the first email interaction and quote.

My Web Designer

2. Deciding where in the world… Despite the surrealistic taxes you have to pay and the unending legal obligations you end up having (see previous post on legal matters, Europe is a great place to start a business! It is complicated but it is also very rewarding especially if one is dealing with tourism as I do… I live in Florence, in a very pretty area and I must say that it has inspired me incredibly in terms of ideas but also it terms of aesthetics and mood… The place you work in often influences the stuff you produce… especially if you’re trying to be creative. This is how I came up with my logo… The silhouette of a lady about to tell us a local secret… the blue glitter she’s made of ( reminds me of that night, in Ponte Vecchio when I had just moved in…


My CIty

3. Targeting… it has become very difficult these days to target your audience… potential clients can easily become collaborators, outsourcers become consultants, clients become competitors, competitors become clients… I knew I had reached my goal when I went to check out my own “local secrets” page to decide where to go for diner… I had become my own customer!

My Traget?... Myself!

My Traget?… Myself!

4. When to stop … This has been the most difficult decision for me… I’ve been preparing for months! I have created networks of locals and travelers, I have gathered and presented the most precious information, I have built a website, a bunch of blogs and have put together tons of other useful material, I have visited the cities which I love the most to steal some more pics and video footage, I have completed my business plan and have very clear ideas about what it is that I want to offer to travelers… but for some reason I am still hesitating. Here is a teaser… UrbanBilingual, the video!

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