Locals, travel, blogging and a website… the big step!

Posted on September 24, 2013


After many doubts, changes and obstacles in my personal life I am finally ready to start my website, my business and my new life that goes with it. This blog will eventually become a way to widen my horizons and networks of locals and travellers but in the meantime I figured I would use it to share the first steps of this great but scary adventure because let’s be honest… I feel both excitement and fear and I couldn’t tell which one predominates!

I figured I would share my thought and website content so far, not only to help others who may be going through similar dilemmas and difficulties (and I know there are lots o us!) but also for the pleasure to share the experience! I will start with the draft design of my website’s homepage… some of you may think why I would do that before launching the website… Well who’s afraid of competition these days? Or you’re good and special in what you’re doing or it will only take a couple of hours before someone copies your idea and does everything better than you! This has always been true but the power of today’s networks make time and space even more liquid and insignificant… The boundaries between competitors, clients, friends and outsourcers have become very blurry… Another reason for posting it so early in the process is that I of course would like to get your feedback now and not when the site has been developed! Anyway everybody, here is my homepage and if you think you can do better, please do! Get inspired, let’s work together and let’s make traveling a better place!

Screen Shot 2013-04-24 at 15.57.57

I would love to hear what you’re thinking while you’re looking at it… and oh, how great… you got a comment box below to share all this with me!

Apart from the design of the website, I have two other big concerns at the moment which I would love to discuss:

– the legal aspect of the website… my company happens to have began its journey in Italy (a couple of days ago) and I am amazed by the amount of work and capital which is required to make the activity legal from all aspects. I am also chocked by the amount of information the user/traveller/potential buyer will have to fill in and consent to before being able to access any of the information I offer, most of the time, for free!

– the concept of community, of sharing and of travel sharing experience which I have discovered thanks to a great community which I have the chance to moderate… It’s called Urban Travel and it is actually thanks to all these people and their precious contributions, questions and thoughts that I got most of my ideas about this website!


Thank you all and if I see that at least some of you are interested in this journey, I will keep posting about its success and failures!