A Valentine Day in Florence

Posted on February 14, 2013


Just a quick post to share with you how appropriate Florence can be for a great Valentine day!… I’m only half way through the day but I already feel so lucky that I had to share these couple of photos… besides, I think that I’m going to put my smartphone away for the rest of the day!

Woke up with the first flowers of our garden… or was that a lie? In any case, spring is approaching and the weather is beautiful!

Stephanie 001

Went for breakfast in the “Caserma miltare” (military barrack?)… My Valentine knows where they have the finest, purest chocolate… and I love chocolate, especially today!

Stephanie 004

Walk through Florence = definition of romance

Stephanie 002

Crossed a bridge, not the Ponte Vecchio (tourists kill romance)

Stephanie 003

Had a glass of wine and a bruschetta for lunch… by the street!

Stephanie 005

Got a love story from the British Institute! I love romantic british comedy but that’s for tomorrow!

Stephanie 006

Can’t wait for tonight… Jazz concert (only improvisation allowed) but I’m afraid I’ll have no photos for that!

Happy Valentine to all and please keep blogging about your experiences in all these places of the world which either I am missing or I do not yet know!|