Alone on the beach… You can still do it in August

Posted on August 10, 2012


If you head all the way south, you can still find in Europe magical mediterranean beaches to enjoy your summer holidays far away from the crowds of tourists, the ugly hotels, the expensive touristic restaurants and all the rest of everything you can normally find along the mediterranean cost.

It’s called Gavdos, it’s a a little island under Crete, it is cheap, it is safe and it is naturally beautiful. It is the most southern extremity of Europe and it is culturally pretty rich. Apart from all the typical greek little white orthodox churches spread all around the island you can explore the bits and pieces of its melancholic history. Gavdos was indeed a place of exile for communists in the 30s and some of the inhabitants have moving objects and letters which they proudly show to travellers. There is even a little home-made museum at Metoxi which may bring some tears to those of you who get emotional with this type of thing.

It is maybe the most interesting holiday destination in Europe considering the opportunites it offers for trecking, swimming, fishing and relaxing! As for your beauty treat, you can find in certain beaches mountains of pure clay you can just apply on your face and body while you relax on a desert beach.

I am not giving out more information on how these places are called and some of the surprises you can find on the island because as you travellers already know, discovering them gives half of the satisfaction but I can guarantee you that there is a lot to see and explore, that the island is small and manageable and that if you go once, you will for sure return! Remember, all the way south…

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