Visit Athens Today

Posted on May 28, 2012


On the 17th of June will take place national elections in Greece. These elections will define to a great extent the future of Greece, of Europe and of the Western World. Greeks are confused but full of humor and hope and Athens has become these days the most interesting city we’ve visited this year. People are out of their homes, street art is spreading very quickly, political and social messages are coming from everywhere, Greeks are avidly looking for cultural and social interaction in bars and tavernas and last but not least, prices for all commodities and services seem to have been reduced by half.

Safety is an issue but not in all areas. The center, Plaka and Exarchia (probably the most interesting areas) are safe enough and Greeks remain, as usually, very available to help tourists and travelers. What has changed is the way they interact with foreigners: human interaction seems to have replaced commercial exchanges. Greeks have become more interested in your political views , in your vision of Greece and in your experiences from your own countriesΒ  than in your budget and purchasing intentions. Foreigners are very welcome in all social contexts and are encouraged to express their views. This new behavior of Greeks encourages great conversation, political exchange and produces interesting ideas for all.

All this exchange obviously takes place in an ideal Mediterranean climate in terms of weather and atmosphere. Greece in the past couple of years had been transformed into a gigantic tourist trap which could get pretty unpleasant for people without some deep knowledge of Greece or without a local contact. This has changed. Prices are low, tourists and travelers are treated significantly better and considering the deep consequences that the situation in Athens (representing almost half of the Greek population) could have on the rest of Europe, visiting it is not only a pleasant journey, it is, in our opinion, an enriching experience for all.


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