Tired of Boring Tourism

Posted on January 19, 2012


We have been travelling for ever… short trips, long trips, business trips, student trips, we’ve done it all and today we manage to never feel like tourists when we go to new places! Our ideal of travelling is to blend with the people and speak their language… and we don’t mean their spoken language… that would take too long but their cultural language. Travelling for us is all about going back home with real memories of real people and real fun, not with some frozen photo shots that look just like the neighbor’s!

This blog is intended to give you real advice about how to visit Europe in general and Italy in particular, a place which manages to gather all the qualities of the Western World! I will not list the foods, cultural activities, fashion and nightlife opportunites that Italy can offer for example, because you already know about all that but I will emphasize instead the necessity to get somekind of local advice, some guidelines when one visits any Italian city for the first time, especially if he/she does not speak Italian. I’ve seen too many people who consider Milan to be “grey” and boring, Florence to be touristy and crowded, Rome to be clichet and expensive… a 10-min talk with a local who speaks your language would make your experience in any Italian city much more fullfilling and exciting.


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